Obesity: Everything About It! (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1!

How can Obesity and overweight be reduced?

Obesity and Overweight, as well as their related noncommunicable diseases, are largely preventable. Supportive environments and communities are fundamental in shaping people’s choices, making the healthier choice of foods and regular physical activity the easiest choice and, therefore, preventing Obesity.

At the individual level, people can limit energy intake from total fats and sugars; increase consumption of fruit and vegetables, as well as legumes, whole grains, and nuts; engage in regular physical activity (60 minutes a day for children and 150 minutes per week for adults).

Individual responsibility can only have its full effect where people have access to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, at the societal level it is important to support individuals in following the recommendations above, through sustained political commitment and the collaboration of many public and private stakeholders make regular physical activity and healthier dietary choices available, affordable and easily accessible to all, especially the poorest individuals.

The food industry can play a significant role in promoting healthy diets by:

  • reducing the fat, sugar and salt content of processed foods;
  • ensuring that healthy and nutritious choices are available and affordable to all consumers;
  • practicing responsible marketing especially those aimed at children and teenagers;
  • ensuring the availability of healthy food choices and supporting regular physical activity practice in the workplace.


Adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2004, the WHO Global  Strategy on Diet, Physical  Activity, and Health, describes  the actions needed to support healthy diets and regular physical activity.

The Strategy calls upon all stakeholders to take action at global, regional and local levels to improve diets and physical activity patterns at the population level.

If you too are concerned about your loved one’s health then it is time to wake up. Make them aware of the situation and lead a happy life.

Obesity Everything About It

Obesity Everything About It

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