Live Happily Ever After!

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“I am attracted to that boy, sitting in the corner with no confidence”, said no one ever. And you know I am not lying. You will always feel yourself attracted to someone who is fit rather than someone who’s sluggish and unfit, of course once you get to know their beautiful soul and all of that, it’ll be great. But that comes in later, much later, before that it’s just their physical appearance and you can’t deny it.

When you workout you are more confident about yourself and exuberant. It won’t be long before people around you catch those vibes.

You meet more people. When you are happy and positive, you want to meet more people and end up attracting the right crowd.

Exercise also reduces the stress level which helps in improving your soft skills like communication and improved blood flow also improves your brain activity

A growing group of experts say that a couple that exercises together, not only sheds pounds faster but also strengthens their relationship. So if you are already in a relationship, there is a feeling of synchronization, shared passion and more often than never a healthy competition when you are working out with your partner.

It is also very important to respect the other person’s likes and dislikes. You might like to lift but your partner might like to cardio. Give them space.

Think outside the box, or gym, in this case, you can do so many things with your partner, which does not need to be confined to a yoga class. Take salsa classes, go skating or just walk your dogs in the park together. And most importantly, have fun while you’re at it.

And maybe, they lived healthily and happily ever after?

Live Happily Ever After

Live Happily Ever After

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