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Its morning and you have to get to work on time and you think..breakfast??eh let it be I’ll order a pizza at work who’ll notice? Let’s put it this way, your body will notice it, and sooner or later so will the mirror.

So in this hectic super-fast life, how do we balance health and work. Here are some basic tips which you possibly already know but only acknowledge when someone else says it to you.

Ration out your food intake:

You need to spread out your food intake so your body does the most with. Breakfast has to, HAS TO be the heaviest meal of the day, with the most calories for a major meal. Lunch second and please don’t go home and pig out on dinner, it’s one of the main reasons you put in weight. A simple explanation for that, in the morning a heavy meal will usually be used up by the body for energy but at night it’s just going to accumulate as fat while your body rests.

Try cooking with a cast iron skillet:
Cast iron skillets are a great alternative to our traditional non-stick pans. They help avoid toxic fumes that accompany traditional non-stick cookware, it also imparts a small quantity of iron to your food whilst its cooking and the food cooks a lot better in this overall simply because iron conducts heat better. If all this doesn’t convince you, let’s throw in the money angle, it saves gas because it can conduct heat better. Its sturdy and withstands the test of time, ( it already has, heard of the iron age) and its cheaper than your normal non-stick cookware($30 as compared to $100).

Don’t be racist, add colour to your meal:
It’s really important that you do this. Greens are important but it’s not the only colour in the colour scheme, mix it up and add some red and purple or orange yellow. Adding colour to your diet helps you in so many ways I can’t fit it into this blog in this post. One it’s a source of fibre so it helps in digestion, it’s a great anti-oxidant. Apart from this phytonutrients have started to show effects on cancer growth hormone function and immune response. Also don’t ignore the white boys of garlic and white onion just coz they don’t have colour and smell bad, they have a lot to contribute to your well-being.

In the end just remember to have a balanced meal, it’s OK to let go once in a while but don’t let the stress get to you.

Eat well, take care.
Hope it’s OK for you!!

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

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