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We all know the importance of staying fit and healthy. Well, if you don’t then let’s leave that for another day. Here are a few easy health tips which can do you wonder, for mental and physical wellness. Some of them are age old and common. But then again, are we not all aware of things already, but need someone to stand on our heads and tell us, over and over! If you aren’t one of those, good for you. If you are, like me, then these tips are a shout out to healthy living.

  1. Sip Green Tea, thrice a day.
  2. Rub peppermint oil on your temples for mental relaxation.
  3. Have an inch of ginger every day to avoid nasal and chest congestion.
  4. Exercise is more effective than a nap to fight fatigue.
  5. Sniff rosemary to stay sharp.
  6. Eat fish for better eyes and skin and improve cholestrol levels.
  7. Yogurt, a good bacteria, kills the bad ones.
  8. Eat bilberry for improved vision.
  9. Eat bananas to keep your blood pressure low.
  10. Use lavender oil in warm water for bathing. It is relaxing.
  11. Chile peppers are good for sore muscles.
  12. Get a massage every week, to improve blood flow.
  13. Raw garlic and onion improve your immunity.
  14. Tea tree oil is good for athlete’s feet.
  15. Take tulsi for hormonal balance.
  16. Eat avocado for dry skin.
  17. Try triphala to avoid constipation.
  18. Small talk keeps you sharp, just like a puzzle game.
  19. Roll your foot over a bottle to improve heel or foot arch pain.
  20. Arnica improves swelling and bruising.


This list can go on and on. Let’s try these for a few days, religiously and see how well we fare. You need to take care of your mind and body in stressful times, like now. People often neglect themselves and get too busy in work and family and household chores. You need to set your priorities straight and know what is important for you.

Take care.

Health tips

Health Tips

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