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We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions related to Fioricet. In case, you can’t find your question here, feel free to contact us!


Question: What is Butalbital?

Answer: Butalbital, is one of the main ingredients in Fioricet. It is a sedative which relaxes people and helps them sleep better. It is also prescribed by the doctors to relieve migraines or anxiety.


Question: How does Butalbital works?

Answer: Butalbital is a barbiturate which effects the brain and reduces anxiety and relaxes the muscles.

Question: What are the benefits of Butalbital?

Answer: Butalbital, has the following benefits:

  • Treats tension headaches.
  • Relaxes the muscles.
  • Makes you sleep better.
  • Reduces anxiety.

Question: Dosage of Butalbital?

Answer: Butalbital should be taken strictly, as prescribed by the doctor. Although this drug is taken every 4 hours, in case of acute problems. You can even take it on an empty stomach, but if being taken in liquid form, must be measured accurately.

Question: Does Butalbital have any possible side effects?

Answer: When trying to quit, people have reported withdrawal symptoms which includes vomiting, mood swings etc. It is always recommended to ask the doctor before leaving this medication.

Question: Is Fioricet an opiate?

Answer: No, fioricet is not made from poppy plants. Fioricet is a prescribed medication used to relive tension and muscle soreness.

Question: Can I take Fioricet with any other medication?

Answer: Fioricet, already includes two pain killers. Taking it with some other medication might be harmful as they might not be compatible with the components of Fioricet. Always tell your doctor, if you’re on any other medication.

Question: Does Fioricet, contain caffeine?

Answer: Yes, Fioricet contains caffeine, along with Butalbital and acetaminophen. But because of Butalbital, it may cause dependency.

Question: Can I buy Fioricet online?

Answer: Yes, you can buy Fioricet online, but it is still a prescription drug. Make sure it has been advised by the doctor.

Question: Is Fioricet compatible with alcohol?

Answer: Absolutely not. Avoid Fioricet if you’re under the influence of alcohol or have consumed alcohol within 6 hours before taking the medication.

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