Fastest Ways To Stay Fat

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So many bills to take care of:

You are most likely to be stressed and worried about work or bills or your in laws coming to stay with you, to actually care, if your food was made in olive oil or engine oil. The stress about stuff we can’t control is one of the main reasons we are unhealthy and it always contributes to our down fall. Too worried about the future and too distracted by the past to live in the present, I know it sounds preachy but it was said by The Dalai Lama, and it is true.

Let’s order a pizza, again:

If you haven’t done this, congratulations you skipped puberty and your teen age. But seriously this is one of the biggest evils that carries on forever. Laziness to cook, means a large pizza with extra cheese which will be eaten over three days, or a plate of butter chicken with so much oil, some countries might want to invade it. Don’t think that because you said, less oil, they actually used less oil, it’s a lie people tell themselves to eat out, often. Honestly if you’re a fan of diabetes and CAD (not the mechanics software Coronary Artery Disease) then please go on and waste your money on the food and then the meds and then the surgery. Or you know, it’s so much easier to just learn how to cook a little. Guys, girls love it, so learn, I repeat.

Sleep? I’m too cool for that:

Now I know, you’ll think you sleep enough, more than enough maybe, but that’s not the point. You need to sleep at the right times also. You don’t sleep at 2 am if you want to wake up at 7 am for work, that’s madness. You need a few hours of undisturbed sleep and you should preferably sleep early and wake up early not because, it makes you ‘healthy wealthy and wise’, but just, healthy. A good sleep pattern is shown to benefit the body and exposure to early morning sun is the best source for natural vitamin D and I can go on and on about the benefits, but I think you get the point. So teach your kids to be cool and trending without posting late night pictures on social media.

Can you please pass the remote?:

I don’t even need to tell you but when you set an alarm to exercise don’t hit ‘snooze’!!! You need to move your body. Well, it was made for that. You think the hunter, from pre historic age sat and had food delivered by Dominos dinosaur? Or Alexander the great conquered Greece and Persia and Asia by sitting in Macedonia playing COD for territory? Move people, just a run, a walk, jump, skip, do something that moves your muscles so you don’t tighten up so much, that when you have to, you can’t.

Okay so it’s time to face the truth all this healthy living would only work if you were Forced with a capital F, or you were above temptation like God, maybe, which I know you aren’t so let’s not pretend and look at all the easiest ways to blame that beer belly, which is anything but that.

It’s never too late. Get up, get out and just do it. You are best judge to decide if you’re doing it right or are you doing it right?

Fastest Ways To Stay Fat

Fastest Ways To Stay Fat

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