Common Cold: Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

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Common cold, as the name suggests is a very common infection that must have affected almost everyone. Although it does not have any serious consequences, it is known to affect the physical efficiency of a person.

Viral infection of the upper respiratory framework is known as common cold by people. Medicinal expression for this infection is acute viral nasopharyngitis. Among all human ailments, common cold is the most well-known and infectious illness that influences grown-ups and its repeat rate is normal of two to four times each year. Common cold is a viral infection and the frequency of this infection depends on the immunity of the person. The recurrence of this infection can be as high as 10 to 12 times in a year.

It mostly occurs during changes in weather conditions and especially when there is a change in one season to another. Optional bacterial disease of the sinuses, pneumonia and asthma is because of the untreated delayed instances of common cold.

Most common colds result because of an infection known as rhinovirus. Coronavirus, human parainfluenza infections, or human respiratory syncytial infection are alternate sorts of infections that additionally can bring about common cold.

The common ways through which this infection is spread include, sneezing, coughing, or any sort of contact with the infected person. For example, individual to individual contact, like shaking of hand, etc.

Usually the first three days is the period when the danger of spreading of the infection is very high.

The main symptoms include sore, scratchy, and phlegmy throat along with blockage and running nose, sneezing and coughing etc. Side indications, for example, muscle throbs, weariness and shortcoming may also be experienced in certain cases. Common cold in extreme and uncommon cases may sometimes also lead to conjunctivitis, for example, red, irritated, or watery eyes.

The infection of a person with a cold is known to travel up to a distance of 10 to 12 feet through the air. This happens usually when the person suffering from the infection coughs or sneezes without covering nose and mouth. Thus, to keep ourselves from catching a cold people should avoid contact with infected people and must keep their mouths and noses covered when near infected people. Also you should keep in mind to not share towels and handkerchiefs with the infected person and not eat from the same utensils.

In case you have to be around people suffering from common cold, you must ensure that you wash your hands regularly and maintain distance from that person and never get in physical contact of this person. This will help you from catching the infection.


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