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Antibiotics, are a type of medication that destroys or slows down the bacterial growth. Bacteria are the main causes of illness, we are not saying, all bacteria is bad bacteria, but some of it is. And to fight the bad ones, we have the antibiotics. These are considered as the wonder discovery of the 20th Century.
Antibiotics are powerful and stop the bacteria from multiplying. They have been around for a long time, and their popularity is not decreasing anytime soon! And that can be a little bit of a problem, Overusing Antibiotics. The rising concern now is, the bacteria is also evolving and developing. The newer found bacteria are stronger than their predecessors and resistant to antibiotics. The genetic capacity of bacteria has grown due to man’s over usage of antibiotics.
But the question remains that, Is this resistance the result of bacteria evolving new genes in response to the presence of antibiotics, or are antibiotic-resistant bacteria selected for in the environment by possessing antibiotic resistance genes beforehand? Since World War ll, Streptomyces, group of bacteria has seen many medical uses and helped form antibiotics.
Not all bacteria are defenceless against the antibiotic producers. Many possess genes that encode proteins to neutralize the effects of antibiotics and prevent attacks on their cell machinery. Efflux pumps, located in the cell membrane, are one method of protection that many bacteria use against the influx of antibiotics.
Work is going on, researches are being conducted. We will keep you posted about it all!


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